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We specialise in providing representation for all types of criminal matters. Whether attending the police station for a voluntary interview or under arrest, Castle Solicitors are available to assist and support you 24 hours a day. 


What you do or say whilst at the police station has a direct impact on the rest of a criminal case and it is therefore crucial to get the right advice early on.

We have the ability to analyse the disclosure and evidence presented by the police and give you the advice to ensure your position is protected as well as your rights whilst in detention.  


Costs for police station representation are covered under the legal aid scheme for which Castle Solicitors are an authorised member.


We are regularly representing clients in local and national courts for all types of offences. You could have received a postal requisition for a

motoring matter such as speeding, or face more serious charges such as murder or terrorism. 


Whatever the charge, we are able to assist. Magistrates Court representation or Crown Court, we have a track record of providing first class customer

service with unrivalled expertise at the time you need it most.


Legal Aid

As well as experience in representing clients facing individual charges, we also represent clients facing matters as part of a conspiracy with other defendants. Multi-handed cases with large numbers of defendants or complex cases with investigations spanning many months or years, we have the knowledge and expert resources to defend you.


Whilst we have the benefit of in-house solicitor-advocates, we also work with a number of barrister chambers, using only the best Counsel and Queens Counsel who we have tried and tested over the years.


There are a number of different experts, be it facial recognition, body mapping, DNA, cell site analysis, accident reconstruction, back track calculation, psychologists, psychiatrists, pathologists, CCTV enhancements, telecommunications analysis, hard drive data recovery, forensic accounting and others we have at our disposal to instruct if required in your case.


We can represent you on a private paying basis or legal aid (subject to criteria).


Legal aid available. We are authorised by the Legal Aid Agency to provide representation across all courts subject to means and interests of justice qualification. Contact us now for further information.

We cover all matters resulting from a criminal charge, summons or postal requisition. We have experience in defending countless criminal charges which include but are not limited to the following:


  • Assault (common assault/ actual bodily harm/ GBH/ wounding with intent)
  • Breach of protective order (non-molestation order/ restraining order)
  • Public Order Offences (threatening behaviour/ affray/ violent disorder)
  • Motoring matters (all types/ speeding/ no insurance/ no licence/ disqualification/ special reasons/ exceptional hardship arguments)
  • Careless driving,
  • Death by careless driving,
  • Dangerous driving
  • Death by dangerous driving,
  • Arson,
  • Arson with intent to endanger life,
  • Threats to kill,
  • Kidnap
  • Human trafficking,
  • Manslaughter,
  • Attempt Murder,
  • Murder  
  • Terrorism (preparing acts/ funding),
  • Firearms & ammunition (without license/ with intent to cause fear of violence)
  • Theft,
  • Fraud (false representation/deception/large scale frauds)
  • Pervert the course of justice,
  • Money Laundering,
  • Robbery
  • Burglary (dwelling/ non-dwelling)
  • Aggravated Burglary, 
  • Possession of drugs, 
  • Possession with intent to supply drugs
  • Cultivation of cannabis, 
  • Importation of drugs
  • Sexual assault, 
  • Rape, 
  • Possession of indecent images



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